Oswald Foundation Incubated in EyeFocus Accelerator

We’re very excited to announce that we’re now a part of the EyeFocus Accelerator.

EyeFocus Accelerator is the world’s first innovation program for companies producing products for preventing, curing, and living with eye disease and blindness.

In 2015, the EyeFocus Accelerator became the world’s first innovation program supporting companies making products for preventing, curing, and living with eye disease and blindness. EyeFocus 2016 is a truly global program, with the team based in London and Berlin, and the program delivered through events in London, Berlin, Paris, Boston, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, etc.

Oswald Foundation is a New Delhi-based startup whose mission is to make technology accessible to everyone, regardless of literacy, age, language, or disability. Oswald is building a smartphone called “Shravan”, which is the world’s first smartphone solution for the visually impaired, senior citizens, differently abled, and illiterates.

It uses accessible interface patterns with different modes for correcting system -wide settings using a patent-pending combination of vibrations, speech, and touch, and has India-centric features like Aadhaar integration, cashless payments wallet, cricket and sports info, regional language music streaming, free messaging, etc., and works in over 25 Indian languages.

Link to EyeFocus’s website