Oswald Foundation Accepted to IBM Global Entrepreneur

The IBM Global Entrepreneur program is a program to foster entrepreneurship by the tech giant IBM. This program equips tech startups with the go-to-market support, business mentorship, services, discounts, technical guidance, and networking opportunities needed to quickly bring their products to the market using the IBM cloud platform.

Oswald Foundation, the New Delhi-based startup whose mission is to make technology accessible to everyone, regardless of literacy, age, language, or disability, is now a part of IBM Global Entrepreneur. The startup is using IBM’s cloud platform for making the world’s first smartphone OS for the illiterate and differently abled users. Using IBM’s technology, the company is developing a suite of cloud-based services that will be exclusively used by the users of their OS.

The Shravan OS is an Android-based mobile operating system and is also the first built particularly for India’s user base and includes features like built-in Aadhaar, UPI payments integration, and works in over 25 native Indian languages. Apart from that, the smartphone operating system uses a patent-pending combination of vibrations, speech, and touch as its user interface, that makes it incredibly customizable and personal.

“I believe that Shravan will be the missing piece in bringing the next billion online. Today, more people are connected to the internet using their mobile phones than PCs and laptops combined, and Shravan will make that happen for half-a-billion Indians, and then the world,” said Anand Chowdhary, CEO.

Shravan is expected to be available as a software download for Android devices in mid-to-end 2017 and available as a hardware device the following year, with the cloud infrastructure supported by IBM.